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Digital Directory

By connecting with various online businesses and tools, we have created a growing directory of online tools, services, and education that our community can leverage for their own needs.

Decontructed Solutions

We deconstruct various solutions into goals and tasks. We utilize our Digital Directory to provide consulting services for those looking to create digital content, projects or services.

Orgnized Agility

We provide a Project Directory tool so you can find all of your documents, file storage links, references, tools, and other digital assets in one place on our website.


Free Your Mind From Boredom

Lorion Udoh-Oshin - Owner, Programmer, Designer, Consultant

Welcome to Mental Liberation Studios, LLC. A bridge that creators and businesses can use to plan their digital or Internet Based Projects.

We believe every person is unique and should be given the space to explore and represent that through their work, business, or brand.

We Never settle for less and help our community find their way to success by building a digital library of tools, services, and education to help plan and build any type of "Internet-based" Project.

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