About Us

At ML Studios our main focus is community development through interactive media. To do this we plan to create community programs in Massachusetts and New York. We eventually plan to expand to be involved with multiple communities globally to better serve and help connect students, minorities and youth from all over the word. We believe interactive media as the potential to be the a great community building tool, while still being entertaining and fun!

Jobs and Internships


Currently we are establishing ourselves within the Worcester, MA community. We currently provide internships to students attending Colleges in MA with assistance from Becker College. These internships focus on building work skills, community skills and personal skills to prepare students for work withing the interactive media industry. We focus on every aspect of interactive media from game development to e-sports to marketing and project management. Interns are assigned to both our main project and a smaller side-project to help them

gain the experience needed in an environment and build a portfolio that is completely focused on their growth.


**Our internship program is tailored towards minorities,  students and members of the LGBT community. 

If you are a student in MA and interested in our Internship Program please email: Ludohoshin@mlstudios.net

We will also provide priory to any intern that has gone through our program and graduated college for our full time positions. There will be also at least three yearly full-time temp seats dedicated for new college graduates to obtain the experience needed to be a valuable asset within the work force regardless of what they choose to do!

More information about our available jobs coming soon!

Community Programs and Events

One of the ways we would like to enrich our communities is by hosting Interactive Media based Programs for both students and the general population. We are looking to work with school, youth programs and other community based programs to create sustainable programs focused on self growth, education and social awareness within the communities we serve.


Click Here For a List of Our Programs


Investments and Donations

Becasue we plan to release games for profit, we consider ourselves a Social Enterprise and not a Non-Profit. However we are currently in the process of starting up. We are currently working on our first main project called Mythicast: Arcane Academy. During development we rely on donations and investments to fuel our programs and projects. However all donations and investments are investments towards the communities youth and students. Donations help us provide stipends to struggling interns and students, allows us to accommodate for our interns when we attend events such as Boston FIG and PAX East.