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- Black Lives Matter -

As a Black-Minority, game developer, programmer, professor, and entrepreneur; I have had the first-hand experience with how social issues can cause trauma in our day-to-day lives. My name is Lorion Udoh-Oshin, and I founded Mental Liberation Studios in 2015 with the idea to help solve community-based issues by providing digital tools, interactive media, and a community platform to help people personally overcome many of our current social issues.

At ML Studios our goal is to empower individuals and small businesses by finding needs within communities and using or creating any digital tools that can help to solve these issues with confidence, creativity, and empathy.


We help create businesses and are building an accessible global network of diverse businesses and people. By focusing on solving social issues we are creating an online platform that provides knowledge and other resources needed to individuals with decreased accessibility to them.


We showcase these tools and resources through our own digital media based client work and game projects.

All of our profits go towards hiring college students and proving them with the experience and skill needed to work with our clients or build towards their career either with us or elsewere. We are at heart, a small indie game studio and your donation helps us work on our community-based game projects while still supporting our community of students!

Thank you to all of our Students and Supporters!

Lorion Udoh-Oshin

Worcester, MA | White Plains, NY

(914) 510-3221