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Supporting Students and youth since 2015!

Welcome to our Studio Hub. This area is recommended for high-school and college students and graduates, and anyone interested in learning digital media development.


As an ML Studios Student earn Exp by supporting the studio in various ways such as taking on contacted work, reading and writing to our blog, attending online training and work sessions and more!

Unlocked Badges for more access to contracted/paid work.

Real Level 100 for a guaranteed FULL TIME JOB.

After Level 100 your salary increases with your Hub Level!

Free Registration. No Experience Need! We accept new members monthly!

Fantasy Gaming

Access to Studio Licenses

Game/App Development (Unity, C#) 

Learn the basics of game development and create your own tutorial/project for your portfolio. Complete contract work to earn money and more!

  • Learn the basics of Programming through Game Development

  • Take on contract work as you learn at your own pace with the assistance of our game studio.

  • Join a community of students, game developers, and industry professionals.

  • Pitch Your Own Game Project! 

  • Earn Internship Credits for College.

Website Design/Development

Learn how to create stunning websites with the Wix website creator. Learn about branding, marketing, SEO and more and work with a team to build websites for our games and clients!

  • Learn the Basics of Web Design in Wix

  • Research and learn from exciting website

  • Learn to Program using JavaScript in Wix Corvid

  • Make Beautiful websites for our games and clients.

  • Learn to create your own portfolio or resume website with us!

Design Webpage

Content Creator & Gaming Events

Help us establish e-sport communities, game systems, merchandise, and media for our games and clients.

  • Content Management

  • Blog Writing

  • Fan Art & Merchandise Art

  • Twitch Streaming

  • Creating game/marketing content for YouTube

  • Attend and help plan gaming events

Therapeutic Gaming & Research

Review games and participate in research about the therapeutic and physiological effects of interactive media.

  • Learn about how games can be used for therapeutic benefits.

  • Write online Content explaining what you learned to others.

  • Participate and create surveys.

  • Learn to apply therapeutic design to any Game idea.


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