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A Network of Creators and Developers

We are a digital studio that manages digital brands and maintains a network of independent creators that work with us on Websites, Blogs, Digital Stores, online forms, Databases, and Games.

About Us

Mental Liberation Studios is a publishing Studio Founded by Lorion Oshin. We use our experience with game monetization to help brands and small businesses develop passive revenue models around their brands. 

Our Service focuses on establishing passive income through digital content and products. This includes games, blogs, online stores, databases, and apps (Both Web and Mobile). We offer subscription services to help set up and establish Digital Content for these products. Our goal is to help our members reach $10-$100 a day through brand monetization.

We do not take any income, your membership fees cover what we need to help you grow your brand!

We also offer development services that can be used to develop a game, app, or database. This service is reserved for members who have reached a certain amount of revenue from their monetization, or have another source of funding and have spent at least 1 month of their normal membership prototyping their project with us.

Core Team

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