Calling All Design and Computer Science Students!

- No Experience Needed -
  • High-school: Internship

  • College: Student Employment

  • Graduates: Full Time

Work with other students and graduates, build your portfolio, network and get paid!*

*Payment based on contract work.

ML Student WorkForce

  • Write Content For Our Blog

  • Help our Community with Digital Needs

  • Creates Fun Games and Websites

  • Play Games

  • Make Friends and Have FUN!

  • Design Brands and Merchandise

  • Write and design creative stories and concepts

  • Mentor and tutor other students

2021 Internship Focus Topics


Game/App Development (Unity, C#) 

Learn the basics of game development and create your own tutorial/project for your portfolio. Complete contract work to earn money and more!

  • Learn the basics of Programming through Game Development

  • Take on contract work as you learn at your own pace with the assistance of our game studio.

  • Join a community of students, game developers, and industry professionals.

  • Pitch Your Own Game Project! 

  • Earn Internship Credits for College.

Website Design/Development

Learn how to create stunning websites with the Wix website creator. Learn about branding, marketing, SEO and more and work with a team to build websites for our games and clients!

  • Learn the Basics of Web Design in Wix

  • Research and learn from exciting website

  • Learn to Program using JavaScript in Wix Corvid

  • Make Beautiful websites for our games and clients.

  • Learn to create your own portfolio or resume website with us!

Design Webpage

Content Creator & Gaming Events

Help us establish e-sport communities, game systems, merchandise, and media for our games and clients.

  • Content Management

  • Blog Writing

  • Fan Art & Merchandise Art

  • Twitch Streaming

  • Creating game/marketing content for YouTube

  • Attend and help plan gaming events

Therapeutic Gaming & Research

Review games and participate in research about the therapeutic and physiological effects of interactive media.

  • Learn about how games can be used for therapeutic benefits.

  • Write online Content explaining what you learned to others.

  • Participate and create surveys.

  • Learn to apply therapeutic design to any Game idea.


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