Mental Liberation Studios Internship Program

- No Experience Needed -

Our remote internship program helps highschool and college students build a portfolio, meet industry professionals, and gain real-world experience. Our internship program is mainly run during the summer and winter seasons. We encourage students of all backgrounds and majors to apply as our goal is to showcase the use of interactive media and technology in all fields possible!

*Skill level will determine eligibility for paid work.

Community Internship Program

 Earn points while learning new skills with us at Mental Liberation Studios. Use your points to obtain cool rewards such as games and gadgets. Reach Milestones to apply for paid positions or get a recommendation from us to any school or job you are applying for! Or stay with us and become a full-time employee and help change the world one community at a time!

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Summer 2020 Program Goals


Game/App Development (Unity, C#) 

Learn the basics of game development and create your own tutorial/project for your portfolio. Complete contract work to earn money and more!

  • Learn the basics of Programming through Game Development

  • Take on contract work as you learn at your own pace with the assistance of our game studio.

  • Join a community of students, game developers, and industry professionals.

  • Pitch Your Own Game Project! 

  • Earn Internship Credits for College.

Therapeutic Gaming & Research

Review games and participate in research about the therapeutic and physiological effects of interactive media.

  • Learn about how games can be used for therapeutic benefits.

  • Write online Content explaining what you learned to others.

  • Participate and create surveys.

  • Learn to apply therapeutic design to any Game idea.

E-Sports Development

Help us establish e-sport communities, game systems, and media for our games and client projects.

  • Build an E-Sports Team for a popular game.

  • Help us test our games for competitive play.

  • Help manage esports communities.

  • Create e-sport focused game/marketing content.

  • Attend and help plan gaming events

Fantasy Gaming

Access to Studio Licenses

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