Mental Liberation Studios, LLC is a game studio manages and developed digital projects such as website and games.

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We have always relied on our community for support to operate from computers to donations, however, since our school Becker College has announced its closing earlier this year we have been working on becoming an independent digital media studio. Our studio is currently funded from personal savings and small donations.

What is ML Studios Workforce:

 ML Workforce is an Online Contracting tool and management that provides our digital services to our community through virtual intern training.

What do We sell?

  • Tool Managment

  • Intern Training

  • Contractor Leasing*

  • Digital Management, Development, research, and publishing


*Each intern can earn us $1200 a month ($1200 - $600 Gross based on stipend), each Contractor can earn us $2400 ($1200 gross) and each manager can earn us $4,800 a month ($2400 gross). Since this is contracted work we inquire no costs if the contractor or intern is not contracted through Workforce. ML Studio contracts workers from ML Workforce for its own projects.

NON-Contracted Inters are $60 a month Cost