Streaming Set-Up


OBS is a video streaming/recording service that can be used for various different video-based purposes. OBS is very useful when creating digital content whether it be to streaming directly to a platform like youtube or twitch, recording videos to post, or also just recording straight audio. It can also be used to add text and other effects to videos or streams. Mental Liberation Studios, LLC uses OBS for our studio streams well as for recording content for videos.


Streaming and Computer Set Up - Management (1 Month)

Tool Options: OBS (Free)

User Cost: Intern($120 per Level) or Manager ($480 per Level)


Lease a Intern to manage your stream. Each level is 4 hours of work (1 day) per week for a month. This service has various tasks you can choose from to assign to you leased intern.


Additional Services can be purchased to enhance this service such as the Work Force Meeting Room. Which provides a virtual space for your leased interns, contractors, and managers.


Refunds available within 7 days.



Download and install OBS.

Start up OBS.

Make sure that the stream is running.

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