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An Average Day at the Cat Café: Gameplay and Review

A gameplay overview and review for the game An Average Day at the Cat Café. Available to play at

Gameplay Summary and Video:

An Average Day at the Cat Café is a cute game that has the player in the role of running a cat café and serving customers throughout the day. Using the recipe sheet and taking customers orders, it is the players job to construct the orders based on their recipes and then serve them to the customers before they get upset and leave. The goal is to make as much money as possible and keep all the customers happy.

Below is a gameplay video for An Average Day at the Cat Café! For those who would like to experience it for themselves, it is free to play in-browser at:


Art and Sound Style: An Average Day at the Cat Café is a perfect example of a game that shines in the categories of art style and sound design. An adorable and unique 2D drawn art style with simple animations makes this game very enjoyable to watch play out and creates a great vibe for the player. The art style is also augmented by the music and sound design which are the perfect combination of unique but not overbearing. The music also changes with the time of day and helps augment the theme at atmosphere that come at the different times of day.

Length and Replay-ability (and potential length): An Average Day at the Cat Café plays on a day based system where each day brings different customers and the money made and rating are revealed at the end of each day. The game seems to get a bit more complex each day but also seems to randomly generate so it can vary. The gameplay can get a bit repetitive which might stifle replay-ability a bit but as each day is different there is definitely reasons to come back to it.

Difficulty: An Average Day at the Cat Café is a fairly simple game but can be a bit difficult on the initial first playthrough as the recipes can be a bit confusing at first and if the player isn't using the menu it makes it much more difficult. The difficulty tones down a lot once the player gets their bearings on the recipes and then the only difficulty comes in the form of timers, some customers will only wait briefly for their drink and leave before the player finishes making it. Overall, once the initial gameplay is figured out the game is fairly easy to play and understand.

Overall Gameplay and Final Score: An Average Day at the Cat Café is a beautiful game with a great soundtrack that provides great atmosphere for the player. While the game has some hiccups in the form of initial player confusion and repetitive gameplay it stands out for it's style and unique approach. We recommend this game to all players that want a cute and chill gaming experience that they can come back to every now and then for some enjoyable cat café vibes.



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