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Best "Fuses" in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (Beginner's Guide)

For those who just bought Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom, or are just starting to play the game and explore its many mechanics and features: one of the most useful and interesting gaming mechanics is the ability to "fuse" your weapons and shields with almost any interactable object to help you along your quest and exploration.

In the beginning of the game, Link travels through The Great Sky Island in search of shrines to gain new special abilities. One of them is the "Fuse" ability. This allows Link to take any equipped shield/weapon and combine them with any interactable object. Press the ZL button to activate the special ability and press the Y or shield button to fuse that object with your equipped weapon or shield. These objects may include rocks, wood, spike balls, fans, flame/frost/shock emitters, and even rockets and much more! The purpose of the fusing mechanic is to enhance the damage/defense of the weapon/shield.

Melee Weapons:

  • Rock/Boulder to make a giant hammer suitable for bashing enemies and tough objects/armor! They are found everywhere in the map.

  • Spike Ball to make a giant morningstar mace! You can find them in enemy territory where the enemy uses them as a trap.

  • Flame/Frost/Shock Emitters to turn your sword/spear into a flamethrower/freeze ray/stun gun!

  • Fans to blow your enemies away!

  • Rockets to send your enemies flying!

  • Gemstones (Rubies, Sapphire, Opals, and Topazes) act like a magic wand and cast elemental spells on your enemies!

  • Torches/Wooden sticks to extend your melee weapon, great for dealing damage in a wider radius!


  • Bomb Flower to create explosive arrows (my personal favorite)! You can find them lying around in caves and depths underground!

  • Keese Eyeballs to create a homing missile, great for attacking hidden enemies! You can collect them after defeating Keese’s.

  • Keese Wings to increase the speed! You can collect them after defeating Keese’s.

  • Bright Bloom seeds to create a source of light, perfect for dungeon crawling! You can find them in caves, depths, or even as a reward.

  • Gems to create an elemental arrow (fire, water, and electricity)! You can find them in caves and depths after breaking certain rocks.

  • Dazzle Fruits are used as a flashbang to temporarily stun your enemies to get a good hit or to escape! You can find them lying around in the fields.

  • Meat to distract/lure enemies! Receive them after hunting animals.

  • Lizalfo Tails for an elemental attack (fire, ice, electricity)! You can collect them after defeating Lizalfos.

  • Rockets deal more damage at a faster speed! Find them in Zonia device dispensers up in The Great Sky Island.


  • Rock/Boulder to increase the defense! Note: not suitable for shield surfing. You can find them everywhere on the map!

  • Springs/Bombs to get a boost to great heights! Springs and time bombs are from Zonia device dispensers, other bombs such as explosive barrels and flower bombs can be found in caves, depths, and enemy territory.

  • Rocket: raise your shield to blast off! Find them in Zonia device dispensers and lying around in The Great Sky Island.

  • Flame/Frost/Shock Emitters to create a flamethrower/freeze ray/ stun gun while in defense! Find them in Zonia device dispensers and lying around on land.

  • Fan to blow your enemies away while in defense! Find them in Zonia device dispensers and lying around on land.

  • Mining Cart: Jump while blocking and press the A button to shield surf, allowing to use the mining cart as a skateboard! You can even grind on the mining rails! Find them in the mining areas.

Fuse is a very useful mechanic that will help you on your journey through the story and world of Tears of the Kingdom. Use this guide to navigate your fusion options and choose the one that best works in your current situation. If this guide helps you out or you have anything important that other players might want to know, please leave a comment below. Thank you for reading our guide and good luck on your future adventures!

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Thanks for reading!

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