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Blastronaut: Game Review

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

A review of an game Blastronauts, is available to play in the link below:


Main Objective: Blastronauts take place on another planet far far away from Earth. The game starts off as the main protagonist lands his rocket on an unknown planet on a mission. Create a mining station. Walk, jump, fly with your jetpack and blast your way with explosive gel to extract minerals, upgrade your gear, and build your station. However, be cautious of falling debris and running out of fuel and it will end in a game over.

Style: Blastronauts is a 2D pixelated third-person platformer game with a dark color and adventurous background music surrounding it to set the out-of-this-world atmosphere. The colors allow you to identify all of the minerals that you need to mine to expand your station. The music gets you in the mindset to fly, blast, and collect your way through the game. The gameplay mechanics are smooth and accurate. When you fly around on your jetpack, it actually feels like you are flying around and is very exciting. Using the explosive gel to destroy the blocks to get minerals is very entertaining it reminds me a lot of the Batman Arkham Series when you used explosive gel to destroy weak concrete walls.


This game is not very hard but it is also not super easy to complete. The controls are easy to use and fun to interact with. You just need to be careful of the falling debris, and the explosion's from your gel, and keep an eye on your fuel gauge. Luckily if you run out of health or fuel, the game has an auto-save that will respawn you back to your recent checkpoint. You don't need to worry about dealing with enemies in this game since there aren't any in this game. This is the only flaw I personally have in this game is that there are no enemies to avoid and blast away in this game.

Overall Rating:

Blastronauts is definitely a fun, interactive, playable game for all of the platformer genre enjoyers out there. This game is simple and challenging, and you can take as long as you like to finish the game. No rush or speed runner experience is required to play. However, I do wish that there are some enemies for you to combat against to give it an even more challenging rating.

Overall I give this game a:


You can play Blastronauts in the link below:

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