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Welcome to our community blog where you will find posts about various businesses, individuals, and families in Worcester.

Every month starting February 2021, we feature a Local Worcester Business on our Blog! Otherwise, if you are interested in becoming a community writer or being featured on our community blog please email

Mental Liberation Studios is a community of students working together to create digital media such as games and websites! We work closely with businesses and families in Worcester, MA with the goal of expanding digital competence within the global community.

Our goal is to showcase and teach students and businesses on how to use various tools available on the internet. We chose students and Business because they directly benefit the families that make up our community.

One way we have started to uplift our community is by sharing what we learned about online merchandising with our local communities and families and starting the Branding Website a website that serves as an online store and a hub for local families and business to build their "Legacy" through online merchandising sales.

More information about Own Your Legacy and how you can support the Local Business coming soon!

Looking to create merchandise or branding services? Email

Thank you for visiting our blog. For more updates and content follow us on our various social media accounts below!

Are You a College Student or Graduate interested in digital media, apply to join us today:

Support our students-employees through our various CrowdFunding Campaigns and Merchandise Stores!

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