Design Blog: BGM for Dunes of Cape Cod

This is an audio design document for the music for Dunes of Cape Cod. The music is currently in progress. This document shows the conceptual design that goes into a piece of game music.

Style – A calm, windy atmospheric feel makes up the underscore to make the player feel as though they are traversing the sand dunes of cape cod. A sea shanty plays when the player is near the ocean to purvey a pirate-on-the-seas feel. When more inland there is a desert bandit type theme that you might hear in an old cowboy movie.

Instrumentation – The sea overscore will have a pirate-like feel to it thus using instruments such as accordion and flute. The land overscore will have a guitar and high tuned flutes for a desert bandit feel. Low ambient instruments such as bassoon for the underscore as well as ambient strings.

Engineering Philosophy – The piece is going to be midi oriented with multiple mono channel tracks that fade in and out as the player goes to different parts of the map (this will be done in FMOD after the tracks are created).

Implementation Philosophy – The piece has a calm-marine base underscore and changing overscore based on location. A sea shanty overscore will come out when closer to bodies of water and a desert bandit themed overscore will be apparent when primarily in the dunes.

Dynamic Range – The underscore is going to be quieter dynamically while the overscore parts will have a high dynamic range and will increase in volume when deeper in the corresponding area.

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