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Updated: Jan 13

Our Digital Media Blog is meant to give students, individuals, and businesses insight into the various tool available on the internet to increase our overall Digital Competence as a community!

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What is Digital Competence? At Mental Liberation Studios we define digital competence using 5 skills:

1) Using Devices, Computers, and other Digital tools and understanding their use.

2) Creating and editing various digital and interactive media.

3) Communicating and collaborating with others online.

4) Being able to utilize, understand, find, and organize information and data online.

5) Online safety and Responsibility.

Our DIY Blog will help readers better grasp these 5 skills in various topics and aspects focused on empowering our local students and businesses. Looking for Private Lessons or other educational services contact ludohoshin@mlstudios.net

Thank you for visiting our blog. For more updates and content follow us on our various social media accounts below!

Are You a College Student or Graduate interested in digital media, apply to join us today: https://www.mlstudios.net/internship

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