First chapter of my LN is out Here is the description

The world is under one flag. Crime is at a all time high and to solve this the world government put in place the bounty hunter system. Once a crime is committed if the perpetrator happens to escape and bounty will be put on their head. Everyone in the area will be notified of the new bounty and time to hunt starts. anyone can claim the prize, but their are those who do this for a living. Those people are call profession bounty hunters. These people are constantly going after bounties and getting paid a lot of money for it to. Bounty hunting became so popular they made a ranking. The top bounty hunter get special privileges along with being paid without having to do bounties, but becoming a top ranked bounty hunter is no easy feat. they have to at least bring back some of the biggest bounties on the planet the ggt. ggt stands for government greatest threats these people are worth five hundred million or more, but there is a step even above that wgt. Worlds greatest threats. To get even one of these bounties is enough to put you in the top ten of Bounty Hunters they are worth one-hundred billion or more. This story is based on the number one spot of the bounties hunters. Backfire!

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