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Updated: Jun 20

Flintlock Johnson: A demolition expert in a mercenary group known as the Hessia. After being ambushed and becoming the lone survivor of the group, he snapped and gained an attraction to destruction. He is known the be the kind of guy you would hire if you don’t want your target to get out of a situation in one place. If he isn’t blowing you up with explosives, he will use his rotary cannon to tear you into pieces.

In his early 30s


6 foot 8

Bleach blond hair short, he can no longer grow facial hair, has to wear fake eyebrows.

Eye color: white glazed over eyes, that are bioluminescent eyes.

Nose skewed and off angled from previous breaks.

Skin Color: very pale (near white) due to chemical exposure

Acid scars, shrapnel scars, has a one-piece of shrapnel he cannot remove from his skull and contributes to his madness.

Wears a wok on his head which casts a shadow to hide his deformed face.

He wears a long trench flak jacket that has the color popped to hide his face, a bandolier with grenades, dynamite, RPG ammunition. Two drum magazines on his belt for the minigun, a backpack full more explosives.

Main: Mini Gun

Secondary: Rocket Propelled grenade

Third: Your choice of explosive.


Main: Large flak with a grey trench coat under it, collar lifted up the assist with shadowing the face. He wears a wide-brimmed hat to shadow the upper part of his face. He also wears a bandolier of grenades and bullets and a backpack carrying his weapons and explosives.

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