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JBL Tune 130NC Wireless Headphones: Product Review

This blog is a product review for the JBL Tune 130NC Wireless earbuds purchasable through our amazon affiliate link. There are so many different wireless earbuds available nowadays and JBL is one of the top brands when it comes to headphones and speakers. This is a review that takes into account my personal experience with this product and I will be highlighting the features and performance of these earbuds that show why I highly recommend then for anyone looking to grab a new pair of wireless headphones.

Features and Performance:

Wireless earbuds are very popular nowadays due to their ease of access, portability and ever improving sound quality. The JBL Tune 130NC Wireless Headphones have a ton of features that help them stand out as a reliable and adaptable pair of earbuds. Here is a list of features that these headphones offer:

  • 40 hours of battery life )10 hours of use and 30 hours in the case

  • Active noise cancelling as well as an Ambient Aware setting that allows you to safely hear your surroundings while listening

  • Water resistance and sweat proofing

  • Pocket-sized charging case

  • JBL App compatibility which allows for button layout customization, custom EQ settings, and more

  • Interchangeable tip sizes for a comfortable ear fit

  • Wireless calling with built-in mics


The JBL Tune 130NC True Wireless Headphones come in at the midrange price for wireless headphones at $99.95. From my experience these headphones can match up to the higher end competition that exceed these in price and provide a much better listening and performance experience than lower price counterparts. I personally was able to grab them on sale for $49.95 and if you ever have the chance at a sale like this and are on the fence I highly recommend them. At $99.95 I would still mark these earbuds as worth the price as they provide great features and great sound performance.

You can grab a pair at:

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