Lucy Loutka

Lucy Loutka: If it’s one thing that most people can agree on, it is that Lucy is definitely not human-like her father. She may have beautiful looks, but her pale skin and orange eyes have struck fear into her underlings. After a situation in New York, she was given control of The Theaters holdings thereafter assisting in fixing said problem. She runs a nightclub and bar that goes by the name of Mid Summer’s Night and tends to perform there from time to time with her violin and singing skills. Under all that cute looks, kind, upbeat demeanor is a psychopath ready to introduce any enemy of The Theater into a new world of pain. Aside from having the same mind control powers as her father Mr. Loutka, she likes to wield a shotgun that is also an ax. Any one-shot by said shotgun lights on fire with a special green eldritch fire, however, only magic will be able to stop the burning. This is because the enemy isn’t burning, it’s his soul that is on fire.

In her late 20s

5 foot 6

fit and attractive build

Eye Color: bright Orange

Fiery Red Hair, long and wavy.

Pale skin, with assistance, make up adds more color.

Turned up nose

Black dress and wears a black wide-brimmed hat with a crimson red flower.

Main: Shotgun with an axe blade on the tip of the barrel. (fires shells that light people’s souls on fire)

Secondary: Inherited short-range mind control powers (enemy must be with insight)

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