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Mastering The Art of Speed Running: How to Become a Pro

So you want to become a speed runner? A lot of people want to become speed runners, but only a few become the best! It doesn't happen over night, it takes lots of hard work and patience to become a professional. Follow this guide to get started on your path to becoming a great speed runner!

Choose a Game:

Pick a game that you enjoy the most and feel comfortable playing for hours. Personally, I would prefer a linear game where there's no free roaming, no side quests, or different endings. Games like Super Mario 64, Portal, Cuphead, Hollow Knight, Celeste and Super Mario Bros. 3 are great examples. However, if you prefer games that are more open world like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, The Legend of Zelda, Tears of The Kingdom, Elden Ring, Skyrim, Fallout 4, and much more. Then that would be good for you too. There is no right or wrong answer on which game to speed run. All that matters is which game you enjoy the most, and go by your gaming experience.


If you need help on finding pointers on speed running your favorite game, check out clips on YouTube. It is not a crime to copy the same tactics as other speed runners. All that matters is for you to beat the world record! Plus, these videos can help you discover new glitches that can help you beat the game in a short amount of time! There are thousands of speed running videos available for free to get an idea on how to beat the speed running record. Once you pick a game, do some research on what the current world record is and ask yourself "Could I beat this game under the current time record?".

Practice, Practice, Practice!:

Practice and patience is key to mastering the art of speed running. Take time to explore the game, you'll never know what useful tricks/glitches you might come across that could come in handy. Breaking the game can achieve various goals from skipping a level(s), easily defeat a hard final boss fight. Discover new secrets, use as many in game items/powerups/ weapons as possible to climb your way to the top! However, do not let the scenery or side quests distract you from your mission. Remember, you are here to speed run not to to 100% the game (unless you're playing Super Mario 64 120 Star).

Get Comfortable, This Could Take a While:

You don't know how long it will take you to achieve your speed running goal, so better make the best of it. Grab a comfortable chair, have some food/drinks before you attempt to beat the world record. Great posture is very important to stay comfortable and focused. Use a controller/keyboard and mouse that you feel the most comfortable with. If you're using an Xbox or PlayStation controller, you can make it more suitable to your needs such as soft buttons and comfort grips. For PC gaming, you can invest in a wrist support pad that you can place on your keyboard and/or mousepad. If you need to, exercise your fingers for faster mobility.

Enjoy it!:

Yes it's very important to enjoy speed running a video game, which is why choosing your favorite game gives you a more satisfying experience. Especially if it's a game that gives you the most nostalgia experience, then it makes it more worth your while. If you pick a game that you are experiencing a difficult time beating (even when not speed running) then it means you should pick a more suitable game for your experience level. Speed running should be an enjoyable experience, not torture.

Good Luck!:

I have given you a bunch of useful tips, now it's your turn to use them. Now what matters is, what will you do to set a new speed run world record? Choose your game, choose your console/controller(s), practice, and make video gaming history!

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