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Narrow One: Gameplay and Review

A gameplay overview and review for the game Narrow One. Free to play online at

Gameplay Summary and Video:

Narrow One is a first person multiplayer archery combat game where players face off in a capture-the-flag style game mode with fast-paced and unique combat. Narrow One has a fairly consistent player base for an in-browser multiplayer game and provides a good amount of content with ease of access for a casual game that still provides a competitive feel. In this blog we will review the different aspects of Narrow One and showcase what keeps this game active on

Below is a short compilation of gameplay clips for Narrow One. The game is free to play at


Art Style and Sound Design: Narrow One is a 3D first person game that uses low poly assets and simple but effective sound design to support the gameplay. The art style is easy-to-read and allows for players and objectives to stand out against the environment. The graphics of the game also allow the game to run smoothly in browser even with all the action that is happening on screen. The animations are nothing too complex but they show exactly what the player needs and they don't distract from the gameplay. The sound design employs effective sound effects for combat and non-distracting music to accompany the gameplay that fits well with the style of the rest of the game.

Online Play: Narrow One is a multiplayer-focused browser game and sometimes that can pose issues with connection issues, player count, etc. From all the time we have spent playing Narrow One we have not encountered little to no connection issues and experienced smooth and enjoyable gameplay. The player count seems fairly consistent for an in-browser online game and it is generally fast and easy to get into a game. The community of Narrow One seems mainly casual and for those looking for a quick and easy gaming experience to kill time but still provides a competitive experience and the majority of games are enjoyable with a fair amount of action and excitement. In-browser multiplayer games can be very hit or miss but Narrow One seems to strike true a vast majority of the time.

Difficulty and Skill Curve: Every multiplayer first person combat game has a base difficulty and skill curve that usually lean to one side more than the other if you are talking in terms of new and experienced players. While there are definitely noticeable differences between veteran and new players in Narrow One, the game allows for new players to pick up the game fairly easily. Narrow One doesn't have difficult to learn mechanics and in turn gives new players more of a fighting chance against seasoned players. The pacing of Narrow One also is fairly new-player-friendly being that it is a game using "old school" weaponry and not firearms, etc. This provides combat that isn't too fast and overwhelming for new players. In terms of only combat games go, we would say Narrow One has a pretty healthy skill curve.

Overall Summary and Final Score: Narrow One has been out for about two years and provides a fantastic option for those looking for some fun pick-up-and-play first person combat. This game uses a great combination of fun and exciting gameplay, simple but effective assets and sound design, and a great online multiplayer system to make it one of the best in-browser multiplayer games we have come across. The game is also jam-packed with content to allow for player customization and the like to allow for a returnable game experience that won't get boring. We highly recommend this game to anyone looking to play a quick game with their friends, grind the game for a fair amount of time to unlock items and improve their combat prowess, or even for those who are just looking to kill time with a game that they don't have to download. It is safe to say that Narrow One is a bullseye in the multiplayer browser game space (had to make the joke once). We suggest you go check out Narrow One and see the game for yourself and any comments you may have you can drop them down below. Thanks for reading!



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