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Platformer: Game Review

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Hello, and welcome back to Mental Liberation Studios with your host Austin. I will be giving a summary of the game Platformer by Nora.cia.

What is Platformer:

Platformer is a 2D platformer game with very simple mechanics: Walk, Jump, push boxes, and even wall jump. The game starts off with a character who looks like a pink shirt-wearing Finn from the hit Cartoon Network series: Adventure Time, with a goal to collect all the fruit and dodge or jump on enemies during the process.

How to Play Platformer:

The only controls that you need to know are your simple WASD (Up, Left, Down, Right) controls and Space Bar for jump/double jump. If you jump up on a side of a wall you can wall jump just like in Super Mario Bros. Jump over enemies and traps to avoid taking damage, which will cause you to respawn back at the last checkpoint in the level. Use these controls to reach across the level to collect all of the fruit in the game. I am not sure why you need to collect all the fruit, to make a pie or a fruit cocktail.

Check out the game right here:

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