Digital Competence: Learning to Learn

From a young age, we are expected to learn without really understanding what that means. Most of us rely on something I like to call “Passive Learning”. People often don’t know they are learning things and end up with unplanned habits, ideologies, ideas and more (some are good some are bad). A lot of us don’t know how to recreate the things we rely on or even where to start. This post is to showcase how I solved this issue for myself and how it helps me learn programming and coding as well as gain an overall understanding of both. It's impossible to fully grasp the total concept of programming as its origins are unknown, your DNA and Brain are already programmed and reprogramming itself as we speak, it's something we learned from nature.

In order to take control of what you learn, I recommend focusing on something I like to call active learning. Active learning is not easy to do as it will FEEL weird. Active learning means actively trying things that you may not be able to accomplish in order to learn something that can be useful in our future. What we call "practice", is a form of active learning. For example bodybuilding is practicing building muscle. But you can’t just practice HARD you need to practice SMART.

Practice is PERMANENT, not PERFECT.

To better showcase what I mean, let’s reword the terms active and passive learning to active practice and passive practice. You can look at everything you do in life as practice for the future. If we focus on that perspective you can better understand what I mean by passive practice. For example, if you often procrastinate you are teaching yourself to do it better so you will end up procrastinating more and more, the only way to cure a habit or bad practice is to stop practicing/doing it. A great way to unlearn something is to plan to do something else not just plan to not do it, you have trained yourself to fight the urge to not procrastinate and win every time so now it's time to actively train yourself otherwise.

There is still more, smart practice is focusing on practicing in a way that YOU will learn the best. For bodybuilders, this is based on body type as the body learns how to grow muscle differently based on their body type. From the perspective of general practice, this is your learning style, I like to call this your immersion or fun gate. You can do a ton of self-reflection hours of research and such to understand this but it's honestly very simple.

Pay attention to what you are doing when you are having fun!

Fun is our brain's reward system for learning. You can have fun learning both good or bad things as long as you're learning something your brain is having fun. Boredom is when your brain already understands something and feels like it cannot learn anything. Anger is when you are forced to unlearn something. Life wants to live, in order to live in this universe, you need to adapt to the flow of energy, in order to adapt you need to learn the pattern of that flow. That is the nature of life and learning. By understanding this we can manipulate what we do to better teach ourselves.

Fun Gates: Everyone has all of these gates, over your time you have learned to rely on 1 or more of them for learning new things. These can apply to other areas of how you interact with the world beyond learning.

  • Visual Gate: Pretty things make you smile, you like to learn things through visual patterns. You can think of still pictures. You like to draw, and the graphs are awesome.

  • Sound Gate: You notice even the smallest sounds, you like to learn things through sound patterns. You have an internal monolog, songs get stuck in your head often.

  • Movie Gate: You can watch TV for hours, you learn by watching and listening to the world as it moves. You can replay the moments you saw in your head.

  • Kinetic Gate: You can play video games for hours, you learn by interacting with things. You often have control over your dreams and can imagine moments that haven't happened in your head

The extent to which the comments apply to you will determine how big that gate is for you. The bigger the gate the more fun you will have learning using that style. We are all multidimensional learners and this can be used to your advantage. If you want to practice learning, take things you understand and represent them through one of the gates you are not comfortable with.

When you are having fun you are learning, which means if you can learn to have fun, you can learn anything you want.

“Free your mind from Boredom”

Mental Liberation Studios

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