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SnapFit: Gameplay and Review

A gameplay overview and review for the game SnapFit. Free to play online at

Gameplay Summary and Video:

SnapFit is a global multiplayer puzzle game where the player matches up against everyone else playing the game in a race to finish puzzles the fastest. Every player is given the same puzzle and uses simple move and rotate controls to place their pieces and try to do it faster than everyone else. In this post we will summarize and review SnapFit and provide a gameplay video as well.

Below is a gameplay video for SnapFit. For those who would like to experience it for themselves, it is free to play at:


Art Style: SnapFit employs simple art style that doesn't use much more than basic colored blocks and clean user interface. to support the basic puzzle gameplay. This type of game requires nothing fancy when it comes to art and the simplistic and clean style supports the gameplay of a competitive puzzle game.

Length and Replay-ability (and potential length): Length doesn't really apply to Snapfit as it is a match-based puzzle game and where the goal is to beat your time and others'. The only time there can be an issue with "length" is when you get a puzzle you already previously got. This can work well as you can beat your previous time but also due to the random generation of what puzzle the player gets, the same puzzle can show up twice in a row. The replay-ability on this game is high up there as the single puzzles are quick and allow for a short game session without being locked into playing the game for too long while it also allows for a lengthy session of knocking one puzzle out after another.

Difficulty: SnapFit varies in difficulty with the puzzles provided but the real difficulty and challenge comes from competing with other players to have the fastest time on each puzzle. This is where global multiplayer games like this shine. The issue with this can be if there is a small amount of active players but SnapFit holds up due to the puzzles being just difficult enough to provide some challenge either way.

Overall Summary and Final Score: SnapFit is a great game to play when you are relaxing and just want to do some puzzles and chill but also offers a competitive aspect in the form of other players. There are a few hiccups with the control responsiveness and repeating puzzles but the gameplay and competition outweighs these small issues that can be fixed in the future. We hope we can see more from this game in the future as well as an increase in player base so we can get in there and compete with our puzzle solving skills. For those looking to solve some puzzles and attempt to get the fastest time: go check out SnapFit on and feel free to comment on this post with your experience playing SnapFit. Thanks for reading!



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