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Soul Out: Gameplay and Review

A gameplay overview and review for the game Soul Out. Free to play online at

Gameplay Summary and Video:

Soul Out is a top down shooter that uses minimal but unique mechanics and simple enemies to create a challenging and fun game experience. Soul Out uses the premise of "soul separation" as the defining mechanic of the game. The soul and the body can each affect only certain enemies but they also attract different enemies. While the soul is fighting, the body is vulnerable. Use positioning and movement as well as timing your separation to vanquish each waves of foes and continue on to the next one.

Below is a gameplay video for Soul Out. For those who would like to experience it for themselves, it is free to play at:


Art Style and Sound Design: Soul Out employs a pixel art style that is simple but easy to understand. Each enemy type is easy to tell apart from each other and is color-coordinated well with the player. This is the type of game where simplicity and readability in art go a long way. The sound design is also simple and no frills but does exactly what it aims to with fitting sound effects. The only addition that would complete the soundscape is a nice backing track while you are fighting waves of enemies.

Length and Replay-ability (and potential length): I have not finished Soul Out yet as it is challenging and it will take some time to get to the point where I can soar through waves without taking any damage. With the difficulty, the replay-ability seems to be pretty high as the challenge keeps you coming back to get to a farther wave and survive longer. This is a game that I will definitely be coming back to for a challenge and to beat my previous wave record. The replay value is also increased by restarting not forcing players to go through the tutorial screen again. This is simple but you'd be surprised how many games overlook this

Difficulty: Soul Out introduces the character to the mechanics of the game succinctly but effectively and thrusts the player right into the action. There is a bit of a learning curve with soul separation and positioning but it works out well with the pace and volume of the first couple enemy waves. The difficulty curve is solid and gets increasingly more difficult on each following wave to a point where the game is pretty darn challenging, as any 'bullet hell' worth its salt should be. Soul Out is a welcome challenge that garners its difficulty through gameplay as opposed to games with unbalanced curves, etc.

Overall Summary and Final Score: Soul Out is easy to pick up and play and brings unique mechanics to a popular genre in indie development. Soul Out uses 'no frills' gameplay and design to provide a challenging and rewarding game experience. A great game for any casual player looking for a quick and fun experience as well as those who are looking for a challenge that will test their skills. I highly recommend you give Soul Out a try and let me know your experience with the game down in the comments. Also make sure to comment on itch and show the developer some love.



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