Design Blog: The Knights Order Flying Giraffe, Giraffa Camelopardalis Icurii

Updated: Jun 4

Knights of Terrova Creature Design: The Knights Order Flying Giraffe, Giraffa Camelopardalis Icurii

Physical Description: Standing at an imposing height of 17 feet tall (5.2 m) this is a remarkably light animal weighing only 1000 pounds (453 kg). The animals’ thick tawny coat is dappled with large chocolate brown spots. Sporting an impressive set ivory white wings, this animal’s wingspan is 40 feet (12.2 M). One truly striking feature of this animal is its pearly white spiraling horn (4 Feet, 121 cm) sprouting from its forehead.

Diet: This animal being mostly domesticated in the Americas, is fed a diet consisting of mostly enriched hay, leaves, grain, and cheap fruits. When feral this animal will eat from tall trees seeking freshly sprouted leaves and ripe fruits.

Behavior: While mostly docile this is an easily spooked animal prone to flight when frightened. They tend to travel in small flocks of 4-15 giraffes. Whilst not having any form of vocalization these animals rely heavily on body language and pheromones. When traversing on the ground this animal gallops in long loping strides, when in flight they prefer soaring rather than constant arduous flapping. Territorial battles between males of this species are a violent bloody affair, with both individuals standing side by side then swinging their longhorns aiming at the stomachs and legs of their opponents.

Ecology: Being domesticated they are not found roaming the countryside of this great continent when feral their young are often predated against causing them to survive only single generations when escaped. These animals are relegated to the warmer parts of the country and are stored in indoor barns during the winters, the feral animals will often migrate to warmer parts of the continent during the winter.

Lifecycle: Becoming mature at around 7 years of age this species will have one offspring after a 16-month pregnancy and will spend 3 years raising their young before becoming pregnant again. With a lifespan of 50 years, these animals will often have around 8 young in their lives, this slow breeding means that they are highly valuable animals and only used when it can be assured that they won't be lost in battle.

Relations with humans: Being wholly domesticated they are famed for their value and beauty. They are used as transport and bombing animals in the knight’s order air force. Due to their large size and immense strength, they can transport vast quantities of munitions deep into enemy territory creating flying supply lines for the knight’s order. This gift of flight and strength also means they are effective bombers often being laden with grenades, flechettes, and magical artillery that can be dropped by the rider at any point during the flight. Alternatively, their horns and feathers can be harvested and made into potent flight potions and a lethal magical lance.

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