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We Need To Talk: Gameplay and Review

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

A gameplay overview and review for the game We Need To Talk. Available to play at

Gameplay Summary and Video:

We Need To Talk is a fun and unique arcade style game that pits the player against a significant other who has approached them wanting to talk. Using button combinations the player will race against the encroaching conversation by deflecting, dismissing, delaying the inevitable conversation. Try to get a high score by avoiding the talk as long as possible!

Below is a gameplay video for We Need To Talk! For those who would like to experience it for themselves, it is free to play in-browser at:


Art and Sound Style: We Need To Talk boasts a fun, cartoonish art-style that resembles comics and cartoons like the Scott Pilgrim series but also has its own identity that comes through the animations and FX. Being a jam game, We Need To Talk uses free sounds for the music and SFX but these choices were spot on and work cohesively with the overall feel of the game. The art and sound provide a great base for the arcade style gameplay.

Length and Replay-ability (and potential length): Being an arcade style game where the player is hoping to achieve a high-score, We Need To Talk has a fair amount of Replay-ability for those who want to beat their best. A great thing about this style of game is that there is no limit to how long a session is but if a player wants to do a single playthrough it is also quick and concise. The variation in the game is limited but that is common for most arcade games and it has to be taken into account that this is a jam game that was created in a set amount of time.

Difficulty: We Need To Talk has very simple controls that are confined to only five different keys but still has a level of difficulty that prevents the game from coming off as too easy. The difficulty of the game stems from the player having to pick from different dialogs on the fly that have unique effects as well as their key-pressing speed. Like most arcade games, We Need To Talk is a game of endurance, last as long as possible and fight for a new high score.

Overall Gameplay and Final Score: We Need To Talk brings a unique premise and marries it with fun, addicting gameplay and a cute, nostalgic art-style. As jam games go, this has to be one of my personal favorites I have played so far. A lot of arcade games share similar premises but We Need To Talk brings a fresh player to the genre and if the game is ever expanded from the awesome beginnings it has a jam game it has gained at least one new fan. If you enjoy quick and exciting gameplay with satisfying art and sound, I implore you to check out We Need To Talk and fight for a new high score.



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