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At Mental Liberation Studios, we aim to converge of the Scientific Method and Digital Media Development to create and network of Digital Products, services, and businesses that empower our students, youth, and communities.

"Free your mind from boredom."


"Empowering our Global Community one student at a time."

Mental Liberation Studios (ML Studios) is a Digital Media Production Studio that to produces Computer, Mobile and Console Applications, Games and Websites in addition to project guidance, support, and design.

ML Studios is formed in 2013 by Lorion Udoh-Oshin, a graduate of Becker College who holds a bachelor's degree in Game Development with a Minor in Business.​

Our goal is to empower individuals through digital media projects by finding tools and providing services such as logo design, website development and more. We work with community-focused businesses and we are building an accessible global network of diverse content creators, communities, and businesses.

#BlackLivesMatter #LGBTQA+

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