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Updated: May 28

No one is exactly how long ago it happened,

Long enough to be forged into legend I suppose...

Before us was a world once referred to as Earth and humanity dominated it. As time went on for the human civilizations, their connection to nature deterred. If it’s one thing that we all now know about nature, it too has a way to restore the balance. Magic came into the world and with it the Immortals. Beings of near-infinite power, varying in size and shape. They saw humanity’s disrespect of nature and went into a blind rage. Their rage set the world on fire and brought human civilization to total destruction. As the remains of humanity went into hiding as the world burned, new races began to appear. Some with each generation being able to grow older and changing physically. We know them as the new sentient races that populate our world today, like Elves and Dwarfs.

The environment also changed to allow for new flora to spawn from the world from before. Monsters like giant spiders, flaming boars or flying giraffes became possible. With so many changes both in people and flora, the world gained to new name. This name is what we call the world today, Terrova.

- Unknown Knight: Boston, MA 2564

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