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Mental Liberation Studios is a community of students working together to create digital media such as games and websites! We mainly use unity, Wix, and adobe cloud to create our content and focus on teaching digital competence through digital media development and content creation.

*We offer free DIY blog tutorials and Subscription-based services*

Lorion Udoh Oshin founded ML Studios in 2013 when he was a student at Becker College, learning the ins and outs of the game industry. While many presented him with an awesome opportunity he wanted to align his work to help others. Through his many experiences as a Learning Specialist, Adjunct Teacher, and student, ML Studios has developed connections with many designs and computer science students.

ML Studios was supported by the facilities and tools provided by Becker College. However, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, many colleges like Becker College were forced to close, leaving our studio without the tools we needed to finish the work we started. It was at this time in 2020, we decided to officially become a full-time studio by providing client work and will be releasing new content in 2021!

During this hard time, we have been able to continue our working use of what we have and managed to create multiple websites and prepare a few game projects for 2021. Our blog is our way of sharing our knowledge with our community especially during this hard time. As many people are forced to learn new concepts and skills to get by we hope our experience can be of help to others!

(Worcester, MA)

Thank you for visiting our blog. For more updates and content follow us on our various social media accounts below!

Are You a College Student or Graduate interested in digital media, apply to join us today: https://www.mlstudios.net/internship

Support our students-employees through our various CrowdFunding Campaigns and Merchandise Stores!

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