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14 Wall St, New York, NY 10005

Managing Director

Business Details

14 Wall St, New York, NY 10005

(212) 425-0437

MCCGUSA LTD. (formerly Management Consulting and Controls Group) began in 1990 as a full service management consulting firm providing superior quality management advisory services to clients in the New York area and internationally.

Over the next 20+ years, what began as a small firm grew into a premier and recognized consulting and project management firm in the NYC Metro region, nationally, and internationally. Managing Directors Jason Martin, Ian Jones, and Lewis Spann worked with healthcare centers, businesses, financial institutions, and public entities to improve, better manage, and build client institutions.

Today, MCCGUSA is a multifaceted company with a wide breadth of skill and experience. Leading projects across the United States and internationally, MCCGUSA maintains strong interests in consulting, project and program management, commercial real estate, health care, technology and international business among other projects.

MCCGUSA provides a wide-range of services including management consulting, project management, financial advisory, and real estate services including brokerage and the development.

Our offices are located in New York City. The firm has national affiliates and international representation in the Caribbean and Latin America.

Owned Software:

Procurment Details

Google Workspace,, Whatsap are the core apps they use over the entire company. Salesforce*, Workday*, Outlook* are app used in the current project called HERRC

Software to Setup:

Wix for Contractor portal client want to use it to manage information's and provide a hub mccg contractors to find links and request assistance. Zoom Phone - Private Phoneline for Scheduling and other needs.

Hardware to Purchase:

Owned Hardware (if Applicable):

Support Details

Phoneline 16h and Private Line

Contractors will call in from various project. System will grow and shrink as required. Additional Phonelines available as needed.

Monetization Partnership Details

No Monetization (Development Only)


Website will be used as a portal for MCCG contractors to find valuable information on the projects they are working on including links, documents, and contact information. The website will use groups and attempt to connect with Whatsapp. Furthermore website will include database functionality through csv files. These can be connected to google sheets and other apps if required. In addition to the normal support phoneline, MCCG will have the ability to purchase additional phone numbers as required for other usage including additional support likes or private lines. Zoom Phone has the functionality to connect to many private cell phone using different methods such as simultaneous ring and sequential ring.

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