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ML Music

Sun Dec 17 2023 17:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)





20 stoneland st worcester, ma 01603


Business Details

20 stoneland st worcester, ma 01603


ML Music is a start-up music publishing company that aims to earn money through the monetization and publishing of music. ML Music aims to create, find, and publish music that help us get through our daily lives such as music for studying, sleeping, cleaning, working out, and more. ML Music aims to present music through the lens of functionality that music provides (and helps with) within our brains and bodies. ML Music also aims to sell merchandise such as Clothing, speakers, headphones, records, and more. ML Music would like to be able to run a blog and publishing service that helps artists showcase their music.



Owned Software:

Procurment Details

None we are a startup

Software to Setup:

Software to Setup: Wix for website, youtube to post music, social media - facebook/Instagram/Tiktok, Printful for clothing dropshipping,.

Music Streaming Platforms
Spotify: Renowned for its extensive user base and personalized playlist features. Ideal for reaching a wide audience.
Apple Music: Offers excellent exposure, especially in markets dominated by iOS users.
SoundCloud: Known for its strong community of independent artists and music enthusiasts. It's beneficial for new and emerging artists.
Bandcamp: Great for independent artists, offering better revenue options and a passionate user base.
Tidal: High-quality audio streaming, appealing to audiophiles and users who prefer superior sound quality.
Amazon Music: Broad reach due to its integration with Amazon services and Echo devices.
Deezer: Offers a global reach, with a significant presence in Europe.

Dropshipping Platforms for Electronics
Oberlo: Integrated with Shopify, Oberlo is user-friendly and ideal for a variety of products, including electronics.
SaleHoo: Offers a vetted list of suppliers, which is beneficial for ensuring the quality of electronics.
AliExpress Dropshipping: Provides a vast array of products, including electronics, with no upfront cost or fee.
Doba: Known for its ease of use and wide selection of products, including electronics.
Worldwide Brands: A comprehensive directory of wholesalers and drop shippers, suitable for finding electronic products.

Hardware to Purchase:

Owned Hardware (if Applicable):

Support Details


As an internal Project, this will be using out internal support system. Assistance with publishing content, creating content, finding content, and selling products.

Monetization Partnership Details



Website is used to showcase music on all platforms, provide a blog for music updates and insights, and an online store to sell products.

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