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Digital Monetization Consulting

Empowering Your Year-Long Journey to Digital Revenue Success

  • 2 hr
  • Worcester Virtual Office

Service Description

***Notice*** By booking this service online, you acknowledge that after the first 2 complimentary hours of consulting, you will be automatically transitioned to a regular monthly billing arrangement. This ensures a smooth and continuous service, keeping your business technologically advanced and competitive. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Digital Monetization Consulting by ML Studios Network is your strategic partner in harnessing the full potential of online revenue channels. Our service is expertly designed to guide businesses through the intricacies of digital monetization, utilizing tools like websites, Google AdSense, dropshipping, and online courses. Our collaboration starts with an insightful 1-hour consultation to understand your business needs and tailor a monetization strategy that fits. Here's what our year-long partnership levels offer: Basic Partnership - $1,000 + 60% AdSense Royalties: Geared towards businesses stepping into the digital monetization arena. - Inclusive of 1 Year Business Website Hosting. - Comprehensive setup for Blog, Google AdSense, and eCommerce. - Free consulting labor and basic support for monetization strategies. -Free contracting labor for website creation and initial content. Business Partnership - $7,000 + 80% AdSense Royalties: Suited for businesses scaling their online revenue streams. - All features of the Basic Partnership. - A $250 Monthly Wix Marketing Budget to enhance online visibility. - Continued free consulting and support for monetization. - Free contracting labor for regular website updates and monthly content development. Elite Partnership - $25,000 + 90% AdSense Royalties: Tailored for businesses aiming to maximize online earnings. - Includes 1 Year of Elite Website Hosting. - A more substantial $500 Monthly Wix Marketing Budget for intensive online marketing. - Comprehensive support and consulting for sophisticated monetization approaches. - Free contracting labor for ongoing website maintenance and weekly content creation. Each partnership spans an entire year, providing sustained support and resources necessary for -building and growing your online revenue streams. With Digital Monetization Consulting, you are not just investing in a service; you are investing in a year-long commitment towards achieving remarkable success in the digital revenue domain, supported every step of the way by our dedicated team of experts.

Contact Details

  • Worcester, MA, USA

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