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Mental Liberation Writing Work

As we rebrand the website text will need to we written for marketing purposes. I will post text and requirements for the new text. Please post the edit and if you are working on the current post (do not remove the original text).

Mental Liberation Design Set up

Rebranding and Design For the ML Website, We need:
- Color Pallets
- General Site Icon style
- Minimalistic Styling and UX

Please make sure to review and posted pages that have been reworked and leave feedback on this task as needed. Branding Document Has been created in Google Drive!

Activated Juice Smoothie and Ingredient Research

Research for Activated Juice Bar

TC Dental Marketing Set

Create a Business Card, Flier/handout and Poster for TC Dental Claims Manamagent

Knights Of Terrova: Item Design

Design Items can be found/crafted/purchased in-game each item will have passive stats and/or active ability. If details cannot be finished post idea for someone else to fill in.

Knight of Terrova: Weapon Design Task

Design Weapons (No art) Examples will be provided with details for each weapon type. If you cannot figure out the stats just post the idea and someone will turn it into a designed weapon.

Knight Of Terrova Environment Art Dump

Upload Art and other Assets for the Bandit Hill Map. Warehouse, crates that break open for stuff sometimes they explode sometimes bandits hiding in them. The next part is the Dunes of Cape Code which will have random bandit huts and wildlife, then a town, and the base for each side.

Visual Novel Build

Any Assets Needed to create the base Build.

Becktrop Art / Design Dump

Creating Base Assets we can use to design Becktropolis Adventures

TC Dental Billling Website

TC Dental Billing Needs a website similar to we need to generate content and color map for her site and outline it in wix as well as purchase a domain from go

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