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Blog Writing Content

This task is for the Blog section of content writing. This includes Tutorials, Studio Blog posts, marketing posts, gaming posts. All posts will be reviewed before publishing.
Reviewers to Contact: Lorion (content), David (Structure), Jah/Lorenzo (edditor)
Daily Work: Review any tasks in the back-log, if there is enough information on the task and you would like to take it assign it to yourself and move it to the next area. If there is no please make sure to leave some questions for people to help with research or that may help gather information needed for the task!

Posting: Please post any new documents on this task, all updates can be noted on miro / ping task

Creating a blog post: Visit the ML Studios website or the wix backend to create blog posts. Save your post as a draft so reviewers have access to it.

Work Submission 

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