ML Studios Work Force

Websites, Apps, and Games. With 10 years of digital media development experience, ML Studios provides Digital Media Management and Development services to small businesses and individuals.

Memberships at $0 - $1500 / Month

  • Save Money by using skilled student interns managed by professionals!

  • Hours of Work Include (Based on Membership) $10-$30 an hour for additional work.

  • Build digital tools for your business without the hassle of managing the project.

  • Client Service Network (Get registered, Branding Services, Educational Services)

  • Support Students Globally by providing work for students.


Work Force


J.Williams Consulting, Provides business registration services, contract writing, debt solutions, and more! 

Earn Workforce hours by using their services!

Digital Project Management

Digital projects are managed using our online system and created by a team of hand-selected and skilled students. We select students based on your project needs and work hours are auto managed by your subscription service. Hour that go over your workforce budget will be charged at $5-$30 an hour flat fee determined when you start a project with us!

Logos - Websites - Marketing - Games - Online Events - Branding

Free Project Quote!


Olympus Tutoring Provides Online tutoring services to youth, students, and adults. We cover a variety of topics including digital media development, core subjects, art, programming, and more!

Website Design

From landing Pages to full platforms, we can create your dream website using the Powerful Wix editor.

Websites, Landing Pages, Web Apps, Platforms.

We can convert websites from WordPress, Shopify, and more!


We work closely with Own Your Legacy Branding to provide branding and merchandising services to small businesses and non-profits!


A game Studio at heart. 

We utilize the Unity Game engine to create our games and apps. With external APIs like Mapbox, Vuforia, and more, We use our passion, creativity  o create community-based online and location-based apps and games!

Got a game Idea? schedule a $40 game/app dev consultation today!


- Full Game Design document

- Development Map and Quote

Our Work: Websites, Templates, and Games!


Online Gaming Events and Streaming.


Game Lounge in West Nyack, NY.


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