Providing the Tools and Support your team needs to unleash their Potential.

Managing a group of people virtually or physically can be a frustrating, difficult, and time-consuming task! Each person has their own wants, needs, and experiences that need to be advocated within a group.

At ML Studios we have the experience and knowledge to help you build, motivate, and operate your team while connecting each member's needs with your project goals. 

At ML Studios we help clients manage Teams and groups from their community while providing support and tools for the group on the behalf of their company or institution. 


We Offer:

  • Management and Scheduling Group Meetings and Individual meetings.

  • Management and Integration of Tools for Planning, Task Management, Time Log, Check-ins, communication, file management, form management, and other tools for your groups.

  • Add-ons any of the 3 service packages below!

*We offer our services globally on a case-by-case basis*

Educational Package

Presentations, Talks, Showcases, Assessments, certifications, and Tests

Classroom Furnitures

Use This Services To:

Run a Seminar, Class, or Course

Provide Tutoring or Training 

Run a Virtual Event

Prepare for a Certification or Test

And More!

Contracting Package

Recruiting, Payroll, and Benefits Management


Use This Services To:

Recruite Contractors or Employees

Manage Projects

Manage Payroll and Benefits

Provide Virtual HR Services to Employees

And More!

Hospitality Package

Chaperone, Hosting, Stay and Other Accommodations

Service Bell

Use This Services To:

Provide Meeting Space

Guide or Chaperone a Group During an Event

Find and Manage Stay for a Group

Provide Travel Planning and Food Accommodations

And More!

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