What is ML Studios?

Mental Liberation Studios is an Online platform dedicated to serving individuals, businesses, Institutions, and Communities. We provide a variety of knowledge, tools, and content and focus on supporting low-income, minority, female, special needs, and LGBQT+ Youth and Students. For more info contact ludohoshin@mlstudios.net!

Learn, Play, Share


We support youth and students in a variety of ways from community-based content to remote internships and employment. We provide access to a variety of online tools and programs for free and are committed to finding new and innovative ways we can enhance education for youth!

Grow, Build, Earn


Businesses are the lifeblood of our communities and economy. We feel that it is important to provide small and medium business access to tools and knowledge that can allow them to keep up in today's economy and compete against big business. By working together we can build a better more stable economy. Our services are tailored towards helping small and new businesses find tools. We help tailors fit online tools to your needs and can assist with any digital work needed for any type of project. We can also help manage, run, and develop any Website, App, or Game Project. 

Tools, Experience, Networking


Starting a career in any field can be scary, but no worries we are here to help. From online tools to help you start your own portfolio to community internship positions to Acces to training and real-world work experience. Join our global community Share and connect with others around the world!