About Us


ML Studios is a Digital Studio that provides management of teams/groups on behalf of businesses and institutions. These teams can be used for educational courses, Event Attendance/presentations, and Contract Work.



Mental Liberation Studios started as a Game Dev Mentorship Program at Becker College, where through games Lorion Oshin helped students with their careers, education, and mental health. After years of teaching and attending events/competitions with other students and faculty, we have evolved our program into a business where we help support educational, event, and contracting groups on behalf of businesses and institutions.













Our studio will work with you to manage your group or team by providing everything they need to reach learning goals, attend/present at events, or work for your business. This includes experienced leaders, expert planners, a huge library of digital tools to help streamline processes, and various support services to make sure your team is at its full potential. 


Our Clients can use our services to:

  • Teach or Train a Group of People (Youth or Adults)

  • Manage a team, Provide hospitality, and present during an event

  • Manage/recruitment of contractors for projects


Why use ML Studios? 

Managing a group of people is a difficult and time-consuming task! Each person has their own wants, needs, and experiences that need to be advocated within a group. At ML Studios we have the experience and knowledge to help you build, motivate, and operate your team while connecting each member's needs with your project goals. 


We provide hospitality to keep your team happy, knowledge to expand your team's skills, and provide digital tools to increase your team's productivity. At ML Studios we help teams to excel both virtually and physically.