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Mental Liberation Studios is a start-up “Social Enterprise” focused around 3 “Pillars” - Community, Gaming and Technology. Our overall goal is to create fun, interactive online social games for various platforms. In addition to this, we plan to support low income and minority communities and students by becoming a gateway into the technology sector through game development, social events, e-sports and educational programs.


Helping Communities through  Gaming  and Technology

Worcester, MA

Developing Games with Students helping them learn new skills and gain the confidence to become industry professionals.

Educating Minority and low-income communities about career paths within game development, e-sports and more.

Developing "Social Games" that focus on bringing people together from all over the world in fun creative ways. 

 Community Programs 

Our long term goal is to create a community that can help advocate the use of interactive media for education and other social benefits. Our goal is to spread the awareness of game development programs like Unity with addons like Viewforia and MapBox to show how accessible the game development field can be for any student including low-income, minority students and students with learning disablties.

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